Meet & Eat The Girdlers Range

Say hello to our range of premium frozen yoghurt.

Fresh, creamy yoghurt that tastes like, well, the freshest creamiest yoghurt you can imagine, only frozen. Made with real yoghurt and real fruit and sweetened with coconut water and a hint of raw sugar. Loving food, lovingly made in true artisan manner, amazingly produces a frozen yoghurt with all the taste, texture and yumminess of the world’s best, most premium ice creams. No artificial
colours. No artificial flavours. Goodness never tasted so good!

Girdlers range - Acai & Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt

Acai & Strawberry

Refreshing Acia berries and sweet, juicy strawberries are muddled with raw sugar and coconut water in this pot of frozen yoghurt deliciousness.

Girdlers range - Lemon Myrtle Frozen Yoghurt

Lemon Myrtle

A sprinkling of zesty Lemon Myrtle makes this a frozen yoghurt taste sensation infused with the natural sweetness of raw sugar and coconut water.

Girdlers range - Blueberrt & Elderflower Frozen Yoghurt

Blueberry & Elderflower

Plump juicy blueberries and refreshing summery elderflowers are all mixed up in this pot of yoghurt yumminess, with natural sweetness of raw sugar and coconut water.

Girdlers range - Natural Tart Frozen Yoghurt

Natural Tart

The goodness of milk, just a hint of raw sugar and the freshness of coconut water, make this Frozen Yoghurt yumminess – because it’s honestly better for you!

The All Good.
100% Organic & Fairtrade.

Pure unadulterated coffee cherries, hand-picked and roasted in small batches.

We’ve sourced the very best fairtrade, organic beans from across the globe and blended them together to make the best coffee around.

Eager to please, with none of the bad bits. The All Good balances wild, fruity flavours with the natural sweetness of caramel and nuts.

Look for Girdlers “ALL GOOD” blend in selected Coles and Woolworths stores. Ready and waiting to be brewed just the way you like it.