There’s a spot at the south end of Dee Why we like to call our own. It’s a place where the people are real, where you can kick back and take your time, a place where you can always count on a great coffee, a clear view of the ocean and the smell of good things cooking.

Our story began on a sunny afternoon in 2005 when Ryan Girdler and his wife Katja decided to open up a café….

You might have heard of Ryan. He’s an ex-footy player and a local fixture around these parts. Together with Sebastian, their Colombian partner in crime and their amazing team, they turned a run-down juice bar into a thriving hub of wholesome food and spectacular coffee.

Girdlers formula is SIMPLE HONEST GOODNESS. They’re out to deliver healthy, nutritious food & drinks in the most relaxed and inspiring environment on Dee Why beach.

Ryan’s new found passion for all things coffee led him on a 10 year journey to discover and source the most delicious mix of handpicked coffee cherries. The result: “The ALL GOOD”. A medium roast, four bean blend from around the globe that is popping up in cafés all over the place. Ethically sourced and 100% organic it’s as good for the planet as it is for the soul.

The teams keen interest in healthy living also sparked the creation of their own premium natural Frozen Yoghurt range. Healthy and delicious is just what they do best.

Which brings us to 2016, and a whole new chapter in the Girdlers story. With the Dee Why café renovation complete and the introduction of the new menu a huge success the team is getting ready to step things up.

Stay tuned!